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King Of Power Rosin Press – 4 Tonn


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This babe has what it takes! With its hulk-like 4 TON of pressure power and hot support, the ‘King of Power’ squeezes every last drop of precious rosin from flower, herbs and so on. This type of oil extraction is especially easy, safe, fast and delivers purest extracts without solvent residues.

Do it yourself – with the electric hot press ‘King of Power’ the production of delicious rosin dabs is totally easy and safe! Rosin is the name of the cannabis concentrate, which is only extracted by pressure and heat. Therefore rosin is an absolutely pure concentrate, free of any solvents like alcohol or butane gas. Because of its purity, but also because of the much less dangerous production, the extraction with special rosin presses is becoming more and more popular.

With the ‘King of Power’ hot press the extraction is very easy and even extraction beginners will succeed without any problems. And the uncomplicated usage speaks for itself:
Simply put flower, buds or herbs in a suitable filter bag and then wrap them in baking paper, heat the press up to the desired temperature (smart temperature control display) and then place the press material in the middle of the heating plates. Before starting, check if the bleed valve is turned to the right. After that press the handle several times to squeeze the upper and lower heating plates into place, stop for ca. 30 – 40 seconds, wait for oil. After a short cooling time the rosin can be scraped off with the scratcher, which is included in the scope of delivery.

The right choice of temperature and the duration of the pressing depends strongly on the type, quality and condition of the raw material and often requires testing with smaller quantities. We also recommend to put the extracts after pressing directly in the freezer. This prevents the terpenes from breaking down and losing their aroma. Lots of accessories are on top!

Scope of delivery:
1pc ‘King of Power’ rosin press
1pc power cable
1pc stainless steel dabber/scratcher
1pc silicone container
6pc stickers
10pc baking paper
4pcs magnets

Product details:
Pressure: 4 tons
Size: 312x195x130mm
Heating Plate Size: 200x115mm
Power: 220V
Max temp: 537° C

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