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Grace Glass Big Beaker Ice Percolator Glassbong – 53cm


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  • Grace Glass Percolator Glassbong
  • Høyde 53 cm
  • Dobbel 6-arm percolator
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  • Hakk for isbiter

1990 kr

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Glass bong with double percolation. Grace Glass Big Beaker Red. The tall transparent Beaker-shaped bong in a dark burgundy design is decorated on the front with a less distinctive Grace Glass logo. The ice bong, finished with a thick neck, is equipped with «protrusions» to hold the ice cubes to cool the smoke. The bong’s double percolation with six arms perfectly distributes the smoke, softens it and thus helps to cool it even more. At the bottom we find a hole for a turbo with a plug. The massive base helps to ensure excellent bong stability. Unlike standard bongs, this premium bong is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass 5 mm thick. The robust two-piece chillum bong with a diffuser is finished with a separate kettle with a practical handle and a larger hole (approx. 8 mm).

Ice: Yes
Shape: Beaker
Number of Perculators: 2
Perculator: 2x 6-arm
Height: 53
Color: Red

Skjøt pipebrønn: SG19

Varenummer: G1536R Kategori:
Vekt 400 g

Høyde cm






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