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PAX 3 Vaporizer – Complete Kit Onyx

  • Dry herb vaporizer
  • Oil/wax vaporizer
  • 3500 mAh batteri
  • Rask oppvarming
  • LED display

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‘- High-polish Anodized Aluminium
– 3500 mAh Battery15 Second Heat Time
– Efficiency ModeBluetooth App Enabled
– Dual UseHaptic Feedback
– Medical Grade Materials

The Pax 3 is the latest iteration of the popular PAX line of portable vapes. By
improving their heating system and battery, and adding haptic feedback, PAX Labs has
delivered a smarter, faster, and stronger portable vaporizer than the already
impressive Pax 2. Unlike its predecessor, the Pax 3 features a mobile app, and the
added functionality gives users more control over their vaping sessions. PAX 3 also
features a new half-pack oven lid for smaller sessions, a wax concentrate insert, and
haptic feedback to deliver the ultimate vaping experience.

Pax 3 comes in two different kits: Complete and Basic. Each kit has its own
advantages. The more affordable basic kit includes the PAX 3 vaporizer, maintenance
kit, charger, and two mouthpieces. Those who want a more well-rounded vaping
experience can opt for the PAX 3 complete kit, which adds three replacement screens, a
half-pack oven lid to ensure smaller loads are still tightly packed, multi-tool,
carrying case, and concentrate insert for vaping waxy oils. Both kits are protected by
a 10 year limited warranty, a testament to the quality for which Pax vaporizers are
known. For the basic kit, which is a trimmed down version, visit our Pax 3 – Basic Kit page

The Pax 3 has a smoother, more refined look than its metallic brushed predecessor, the
Pax 2. To satisfy every preference, the Pax 3 comes in a variety of looks: Rose Gold,
Gold, Silver, and Black. The exterior is made of highly polished anodized aluminum
that’s very durable yet soft to the touch, making it pleasant to grip while vaping.
The ergonomic shape of the Pax 3 vape feels as comfortable in the hand as the stick
shift of a Porsche. Attractive to the eye, yet easy to conceal when need be, the Pax 3
is ideal for vaping dry herb out and about. Boasting a high quality build, the PAX 3
is protected by a 10 year warranty. PAX 3 is one of the sleekest, sexist, and
functional portable vaporizers on the market today, featuring a zen-like design that
looks, feels, and performs on the level of insanely great products.

With a 3500mAh lithium ion battery, the Pax 3 has 500mAh more power than the last Pax
vaporizer. The added power of the Pax 3 significantly cuts down on the 45 second heat
up time of the Pax 2. Now the lowest PAX 3 vaping temperature is reached in only 15
seconds. The hottest temp can be achieved in just 5 seconds more. The PAX 3 vape’s
rapid heat up time means you can take quick hits “on-the-fly” while vaping around
town. This makes the Pax 3 one of the more discreet portable vaporizers for dry herb.
Stepping out of the office for a quick hit? Toggle your ideal temp (360F, 380F, 400F,
or 420F) and start vaping in seconds. The Pax 3 battery charges in about 90 minutes,
quicker than most vape batteries.

With an ample-sized herb chamber, the Pax 3 caters to those who vape multiple sessions
throughout the day. Fewer reloads means seamless vaporization. But to accommodate
single-session users, PAX 3 features a new half-pack lid that cuts the chamber size
down to size for smaller sessions. Simply insert the half-pack oven lid into the Pax 3
chamber and load your dry herb. Expect about 2 sessions from the PAX 3 with the half
pack oven lid inserted. The PAX 3 half pack oven lid also comes in handy if you only
have a few pinches of dry herb left.
A sleek, shiny PAX 3 vaporizer in black.

PAX 3 is a portable vaporizer for dry herb. But it’s compatible with waxy oils, too.
The PAX 3 wax concentrate insert enables on-the-go vaping of runny to waxy consistency
concentrates. The Pax 3 vapes waxy oils much like dry herb, slowly and lowly,
delivering smoother, more flavor-intensive hits than other portable vapes. The flavor
profiles of shatter, crumble, and more is on full display with the Pax vape. Much more
efficient than vape pens, the Pax 3 can stretch just a pinch of wax across a 15 minute
vape session. For the sake of convenience, the wax insert is leak proof and designed
for easy cleaning. Pax Labs recommends using the highest heat setting with the wax
concentrate insert for optimal vaporization.

The Pax 3 allows users to control temperature in a variety of new ways via mobile app.
Customizing your vaping experience and exploring vapor profiles with PAX 3 is as
simple as a few taps on your smartphone. The PAX 3 mobile app gives you more leverage
over your vaporization with settings and features that aren’t available from the
device itself.
Boost Mode reduces cooling in between sessions to maintain ideal vaporization
temperature, which is especially helpful when vaping waxy oils at a consistently high
Efficiency Mode gradually turns up the heat as the session carries on, unlocking
different terpenes and flavor notes and promoting thorough vaporization.
Stealth Mode cools the unit down fast, reducing indiscrete odors.
Flavor Mode only heats when you pull from the Pax 3, increasing the tastiness of your
The upgraded PAX 3 app now allows you to pinpoint with precision the ideal temperature
for vaping your favorite dry herb strains. You can name your PAX 3 device, customize
your color theme, and lock the PAX 3 so others can’t use it. PAX 3 is the smartest
vaporizer on the market today.

For added discretion and convenience, the Pax 3 introduces haptic feedback (vibration
alerts) akin to today’s most advanced smartphones. Rather than wait for a display to
notify you when PAX 3 has reached vaping temperature, you’ll be alerted via vibration
in your hand or pocket. This enables you to keep the Pax 3 vape hidden when not in use
for stealthier sessions. PAX 3 also vibrates to let you know when the vaporizer has
entered Standby mode. Users can adjust vibration strength using the PAX 3 mobile app,
enabling you to choose a quieter vibration for discretion or a stronger buzz for the
active lifestyle. The PAX 3 haptic feedback system ensures a more discreet,
convenient, and masterful vaping experience.

The Pax 3 improves upon its formidable sister vape, the Pax 2 with a beefed up
battery, slicker design, updated mobile app, and vibration notifications. With the PAX
3, expect a stronger, faster, and more discreet portable vape that delivers high
purity vapor in just seconds. PAX 3 is built for discretion, ideal for vaping in
public without drawing attention to your vape session. With an advanced conduction
heating system, PAX 3 also features elite level vapor production that’s smooth,
flavorful, and effective. Whether you vape on your feet or at home, PAX 3 is the
portable vaporizer to own.

To use PAX 3, remove the oven lid and load the chamber with finely ground dry herb.
Use the packing tool to tamp down the herb until the chamber is at least half full.
Replace the oven lid and tap the power button located on the mouthpiece. When the LED
lights turn green, the PAX 3 is fully heated and ready for use.
For wax concentrates, plant the concentrate insert into the chamber. Add wax
concentrate to the chamber and replace the lid. Let the PAX 3 heat for 30 seconds
before taking a hit.
To enter temp set mode, hold the power button down for two seconds after turning it
on. The LED light will indicate which setting you’re currently on with a color coded
signal. One green bar = Low, Two yellow bars = Medium Low, Three orange bars = Medium
High, Four red bars = High. Toggle temperature by quickly pressing the power button in
the center of the mouthpiece. When you’ve arrived at your preferred temperature
setting, hold the power button down or shake the PAX 3 to begin heating.

Keeping the PAX 3 vapor path and screen residue-free ensures optimal vapor production
and airflow. Use the included wire brush for heavy cleaning. For lighter cleaning, the
pipe cleaners will do. To clean the PAX 3, remove the mouthpiece and brush out the
vapor path using the wire brush or pipe cleaner. Remove the oven lid to clean the
chamber, ensuring the best vaporization possible. To remove heavy residue, a few drops
of isopropyl alcohol, followed by a generous scrub using the wire brush, will break
down resin or melted concentrates.

1 x PAX 3 Vaporizer
1 x Maintenance Kit
1 x Charging Cable Dock
2 x Mouthpieces
3 x Screens
1 x Half-pack Oven Lid
1 x Multi-tool
1 x Carrying Case
1 x Concentrate Insert


Vekt 400 g


3500 mAh




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