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HoneyStick Phantom Signature Vaporizer


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HoneyStick developed the Phantom Signature vaporizer to bring an added layer of luxury to your concentrate and essential oil sessions with thick brushed aluminum and a carbon fiber body. All of your essential oils and concentrate needs are handled with the HoneyStick Phantom Signature vaporizer: you can load your own material inside the included tanks, or use the magnetic adapter caps to use a pre-filled cartridge. The HoneyStick Phantom Signature utilizes a “squeeze-to-vape” design that has a natural feel when taking a draw. A beastly 1000mAh battery gives you four voltages allow you to experience the full flavor and effects of your material without having to be constantly recharged.

The HoneyStick Phantom Signature is one of the sleeker, luxurious looking concealer vaporizers on the market. The metals used are a thick brushed aluminum that gives the trim of the device an exotic feel, while the squeeze-trigger is made from a metal that is deep-etched with HoneyStick’s hexagonal insignia to provide a rich textured handle. HoneyStick crafted the body of the Phantom Signature vaporizer from carbon fiber with a leather trim to provide a tastefully stylish look.

One of the unique features of the HoneyStick Phantom Signature is the squeeze-to-vape method of vaporization. Instead of having to pinpoint a small button to change temperatures or take a draw, users will squeeze the vape to initiate draws or voltage changes. The same rapid push principles that apply to button-activated vaporizers are used with the Phantom Signature, but a more natural feeling squeeze motion makes this a very intuitive vape to use for beginners and experienced vapers.

The 1000mAh capacity of the Phantom Signature battery gives you the freedom to go days without a charge, making this a great vape for outdoor enthusiasts or those who commute and can sometimes forget to charge their device. With a battery this powerful, you won’t have to wait long for your Phantom Signature to deliver your concentrate or essential oil vapor.

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