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RAW Gym Bag – Brown

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Are you looking for a bag that is light and durable yet tough? Something simple that you can just swing around your shoulders and get on with the day. The RAW Drawstring Bag is the perfect quick carry-all. Its light-weighted nature makes it easy to fold up and be stored in a jacket pocket or backpack if you ever need a smaller bag. Its unique tan color makes it easy to go well with all outfits, and still look chic at the same time! You can expand the bag to contain a lot of effects, even ones as big as a pair of shoes!

This bag is perfect for the beach, hangouts, night-outs, and daytime gatherings. It’s very easy to stow away if the need arises, but it will always be handy. Made from cotton material, this bag will not draw heat from the sun to heat up whatever may be inside it. This is the best bag for diehard hemp lovers as the RAW brand is emblazoned boldly on this bag, so everyone can know the brand you prefer.

Size 43 x 33 cm.


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SKU: 41166

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