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RAW Six Shooter Cone Filler


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Who doesn’t know this: you want to blaze another one, but you don’t feel like rolling… Better if you have rolled in stock. This goes very easy and fast with the ‘Six Shooter’ from ‘RAW’ with which you can produce up to 6 joints at the same time.

It’s as easy as that: take off the lid, place 6 conical tubes (here king size, up to ca. 109mm) in the the holes (when you fill 6 pieces, remove stamper and turning disk, place the cones inside the holes readjust the stamper). Depending on the amount of husks, fill with respective amount of herbs or mixture.

Place the lid on the shooter and tap it on the table to distribute the mixture. Use the stamper if necessary.

Then place the lid on the table with the inside up and place the shooter on it – this way, the finished cones are pressed upwards and can be taken out easily. And finally relax!

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