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CleanU – Secret Boxer XL

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“I’m your special underpants, with the world’s best and most secure secret compartment. I’ll hide your valuables in the safest place: your private safety zone. Even during checks no one can look through here. That way, I protect your privacy!»

On the inside of the underwear, in the genital area, is a small pocket that is best used to heat and maintain the temperature of our synthetic urine, CleanUrin. This is the only part of the body that cannot be searched during checks. Even robbers won’t look here for valuables. Credit cards, money and other valuables can be stored here safely. This makes the underwear perfect for travellers too.

Facts & benefits
The best hiding place in the world. The only place that can’t be searched
Our CleanUrin sachets or valuables stay safe inside the hidden compartment even when the underwear is removed, and will remain unseen
The sewn-in pocket is very comfortable and cannot be felt even when holding items
Pocket made from skin-friendly material
Underwear with pocket washable at 30°C (please remove urine sachet before washing)
The body’s own heat will bring the CleanUrin sachet to the optimum usage temperature (33–34°C) in no more than 15 minutes


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SKU: 005-U-XL

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