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EZ Test
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EZ Test – CBD/THC Hemp Typification

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This EZ Test for CBD / THC – Hemp Typification was produced following reports of samples of industrial hemp being sold as herbal cannabis on the international cannabis market. Such hemp is sometimes ‘doctored’ with synthetic cannabinoids such as MDMB-4en-PINACA.

This test itself displays a pink / purple colour when the sample contains mostly CBD and blue when THC is the dominant cannabinoid in the sample. In this way consumers can identify the type of hemp/cannabis that is tested. The test contains an ampoule and a tube. First open the ampoule and add the liquid from the tube. Then add a small sample to the ampoule and the liquid will change colour to either pink/purple or blue. Use the leaflet in the packet for comparison.

Further Information:

  1. Substances such as MDMB-4en-PINACA can be dangerous for consumers in 2 ways. First, in terms of dosage, synthetic cannabinoids are likely to be applied to industrial varieties of hemp by either spraying or soaking in a solution containing such synthetics. This makes it possible for highly concentrated “pockets” to form. In addition, these synthetic cannabinoids have a different effect to that of THC and it is unknown how much an average dose is. Does MDMB-4en-PINACA work acutely, does it have a delayed ‘creeper’ effect, and how long does the effect last? These questions remain unanswered.
  2. The second point to consider is the affinity of such substances for the human THC receptor. Synthetic cannabinoids are primarily research substances developed by scientists in the pharmaceutical industry in order to analyse the medicinal properties of THC. Synthetic cannabinoids bind to the same receptors in the brain as THC although this binding is often much more selective and stronger than that of naturally occurring cannabinoids. They press, as it were, much harder on certain buttons in the brain, causing potentially dangerous psychological and physiological side effects.
  3. The sole reason for such ‘treated’ cannabis to be sold is for a cynical financial profit motive. Cheap industrial hemp has no psychoactive effect, containing mostly CBD and actually no to very little THC. Normally, it doesn’t get consumers high. It will therefore be offered below the regular market price as a cannabis strain that does get you high and sold as a ‘bargain’. Visually it is virtually indistinguishable from regular weed, especially if the expertise of customers is not high.


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