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Banana Bros
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Banana Bros OTTO Grinder

  • Elektrisk grinder
  • Fyller cones
  • USB-lading

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This sleek all-in-one tool is capable of grinding 20-30 premium cones per fill and packs them automatically and uniformly efficiently. The OTTO Grinder turns dried material into cones in seconds, delivering the perfect twist every time. Using its own innovative SMART grinding technology, Banana Bros. has equipped the OTTO with a spring-loaded grinder that mimics human hand grinding gestures and ensures that the contents are uniformly ground to perfection. 6 premium cones made of 100% natural raw fiber, the content fills up to the end, ensuring an even burn with improved draw. The OTTO Grinder is defined by design and efficiency and makes turning so easy that you do not have to do anything yourself.

Premium Cones
The OTTO Electric Grinder comes with 6 Premium Cones that have been carefully hand-rolled to ensure reliable performance. Their size and shape allows for seamless filling, the sturdy twist prevents accidental bending, and the whole thing is topped off by an optimal airflow and burning process. To guarantee a higher level of purity, Banana Bros. uses 100% natural raw fibers. The cones are produced in Bali and are free from genetically modified substances, chlorine and animal products. You can look forward to full flavor, aromas and effect with a slow, even burn.

Application of the OTTO Grinder
Simply fill the chamber with dry herb and place one of the high quality cones inside the tube. Attach the grinder to the tube using the magnets on the bottom of the unit. Press the power button to activate the device and another time to start the grinding process. This innovative electric grinder detects changes in material and adjusts accordingly to ensure perfect consistency. The Cone is then evenly filled with ground herb. Simply take out the pre-rotated Cone and get ready to relax.

Scope of delivery
1x OTTO Grinder
1x measuring cup
1x USB charging cable
1x O-funnel
1x 4-in-1 tool
1x Cone fresh holding container
6x Premium Cones


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