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Storm Metallgrinder Grønn – 4-deler

  • Metallgrinder
  • Storm design
  • 4 deler
  • Diameter 50mm
  • Pollenrist
  • Magnetisk lokk
  • Sort/grønn farge

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This grinder consists of four parts and has a magnetic lid that securely holds the diamond-shaped teeth as a central component and ensures fast, simple, and fine, no-lump grinds. In the other center section, a filter holds the ground Herbs. A scraper is added to the grinder to ensure that all of the remnants are removed. The grinder has a 50mm diameter.

These grinders do not become clogged after just a few use. Each grinder has a lovely finish and long-lasting metal construction that ensures a smooth, uncomplicated grind every time. There will be no more unground herbs bits; these sharp diamond teeth will generate a constant grind, enabling the herbs to fall through the little holes. If this product falls or is knocked over accidentally, the strong magnetic lid keeps the cover in place, ensuring that no waste is produced.

The best part is that it is quite easy to use. Simply remove the magnetic lid, insert the herbs, then reinstall the cover and rotate more than twice to get fine particles. Nice and easy!


Vekt 400 g
Antall deler


Diameter mm







Grønn, Sort


SKU: 53878

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