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Glow In The Dark Gorilla Glassbong – 25cm

  • Black Sheep Glassbong
  • Hakk for isbiter
  • Lyser i mørket
  • Gorilla design
  • Høyde 25 cm

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The Glow in the Dark Black Gorilla Triple Thick Glass Bong 25cm has a triple-blown glass construction, which is one of the strongest and thickest ways to make a glass bong. This makes it much less likely to break if it is accidentally knocked over. The gorilla design adds extra character to an already stylish piece of equipment.

This 25cm tall Glow in the Dark Black Gorilla Triple Thick Glass Bong is a great choice for casual smoking of your customers’ favorite herbs. The bong comes with an 18.8mm female joint, a down tube, and a bowl. The down tube is removable and includes an 18.8mm male glass slide bowl which is also fitted with a handle for easy lifting out of the bong.

The black glass bong has been made from 3mm thick borosilicate glass and decorated with gorilla decals in green, yellow, orange, and white. In sunlight or under lamplight, these colors will glow in the dark to be revealed at night or in the dark. The bong features a kick hole located on the side of the base which makes it easier for your customers to smoke without having to hold their hand over the top of the bong as they do so. The black gorilla glass bong measures 25cm/10 inches in height and has a diameter of 50mm/2 inches at its widest point across the base.


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SG14 (14.5mm)

SKU: 42780

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