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Psycho Glassbong – 32cm


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  • Psycho Glassbong
  • Høyde 32 cm

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This Psycho Glass Bong is a fine piece of glass art that will get you high! It is made of a hollow base tube of 32cm height and 40mm diameter. You can place your herbs or tobacco onto the bowl, which connects to a chillum, used for spreading your smoke into the tube, so as to get filtered by the water. Your bong includes also a kick hole at the height of the socket that can give you the option of enjoying an alternative toke angle. With the Psycho logo featuring at the bottom of the tube, the whole set-up ends up in a slide mouthpiece ring for a more pleasant flavor.

Socket: 14.5mm
Color: Clear
Diameter: 40
Height: 32

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Vekt 400 g

Høyde cm


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