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Black Leaf Pink Bubbler Percolator Glassbong – 30cm

Black Leaf

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Two percolators, a ball and a disc percolator, are responsible for many wild blubber bubbles in the Black Leaf® bubbler. These cool and filter the smoke for a pleasantly mild and tasty inhalation.

The appealing percolator bong can be held very well and also the ergonomically shaped draw tube and mouthpiece are extremely user-friendly. Best borosilicate glass, excellent workmanship and stable stand are further quality features.

The bubbler bong is equipped with a lift-off bowl for herbs. But it is also good for dabbing and can be easily converted with an appropriate oil bowl or banger to an ‘oil rig’.

Material: Borosilicate glass
Color: Clear/pink
Logo: Black Leaf
Height: 30 cm
Diameter: 60/20 mm
Grind: SG19
Wall thickness: 3,2mm
Percolator: Ball Percolator, Diffuser disc

Varenummer: 20 18 116-34 Kategori:
Vekt 400 g
Høyde cm



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