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SMONO 3 Vaporizer

  • Dry herb vaporizer
  • Oil/wax vaporizer
  • Konveksjon
  • OLED display

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Smono 3 Vaporizer
Smono 3 is handy and impressively compact, measuring-in at just 5 × 2,7 × 8 cm which makes it the ideal choice if you value convenience and love taking your vaporizer with you– without feeling forced to take up too much storage space in your pocket or bag. Thanks to the simple design, the Smono 3 provides the perfect balance of lightweight style and ease of use.

Innovative heating system
Unlike other vaporizers on the market that directly heat the herb itself via conduction, the Smono 3 takes a more elegant approach. Its advanced convection heating mechanism effortlessly pumps heated air directly through the herbs to create instant heat without damaging the material’s texture or taste. The produced vapour is therefore soft, dense and tasty – everything you could wish for!

Simple to use
Smono 3 is free of complex buttons and remotes and has only 3 easy buttons. Since it’s designed with utmost simplicity in mind this vape is perfect for newcomers to the vaping scene with little experience. A handy OLED display shows all vital details (set temperature, current temperature and power left in battery) meaning you can accurately control the Smono 3’s temperature without navigating any menus.

This vaporizer also boasts an automatic switch-off function to maintain optimum safety. Its integrated timer will instantly turn off the device after 4 minutes of inactivity to minimise the risk of accidents should you inadvertently fall asleep or get distracted.

If you are a fan of vaporizing not just herbs but also waxes and oils you will really enjoy the Smono 3. It allows you to pick and choose precisely what you want to vape for each session. For herbs, simply place them in the heating chamber, but if you want to vaporize concentrates use the included quartz glass. The capsule is both easy to insert in the heating chamber and easy to clean.

Long battery life
Smono 3 has a built-in 1600 mAh battery that is charged via USB-cable. It goes from a depleted to a fully charged battery in 2 hours. A fully charged battery will give you about 45 minutes of runtime, meaning you can do plenty of sessions when you are out on adventures.

Premium mouthpiece
The top-quality glass mouthpiece with a built-in glass cylinder ensures that the vapour is pure and cooled down to a good temperature before reaching you. The mouthpiece can also easily be detached from the device and taken apart for a quick cleaning.

The Smono 3 comes with a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty, restricted to normal use.



Vekt 400 g




1600 mAh


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