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RAW Wake-Up And Bake-Up Kopp


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Starting a day with a cup of coffee is the ideal way for some people to get their day going. Others simply just need to smoke or have both at the same time. Although drinking and smoking are done at different times for most people, many consumers will be ecstatic to have a product that enables them to do both simultaneously.

From an angle, it seems like a simple coffee mug with a typical handle, but when you look at the opposite side, you see an extension for consumers to keep their blunt. The wake-up and Bake-up mug will comfortably serve as an ideal birthday gift for someone who loves drinking coffee and smoking. Meaning the recipient can drink and smoke at will.

Users can safely use this mug in a microwave, freezer, dishwasher, and oven. The RAW Wake-Up and Bake-Up Coffee Mug sits up among the favorite products of RAW enthusiasts and is 100 percent free from toxic and heavy metals.

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